The Education Funding Agency PE and Sports Grant

The Education Funding Agency PE and Sports Grant


Meath Primary School is committed to providing the highest quality services for our pupils, and we are proud to have been twice recognised by Ofsted as outstanding. The residential department has now received outstanding judgements over the last 5 years, and can also offer sleepovers and respite breaks to day children and their families.


Speech and Language Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapy Department provides a specialised service delivered as an integral part of pupils’ education. Meath School has one full-time speech and language therapist in every classroom. The school also has one full-time speech and language therapy assistant.

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Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy team (an Occupational Therapist (OT) and a trained OT assistant) provide an integrated service for children with a statemented need via individual programmes, specialised groups and class programmes.

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Specialist Resources for Communication

Meath School is committed to maintaining the most up-to-date resources and technologies (including AAC) in the classroom.

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Family Support

Meath School has a Family Support Worker available to all families and acting as a link between the home and the school. Partnerships with parents are an integral part of the school’s work.

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Medical Arrangements

Meath School's medical service provides each child with optimum health care and health surveillance.

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Support for Other Schools

Meath School can also supply educational/speech and language therapy consultancy services, training, inreach/outreach packages, and flexi placements on request from LAs or individual /groups of schools. We can help schools purchase speech and language therapy services. 

Please download a list of SLT/Educational services available.