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Welcome to the Angelfish Class Page! This is where you can find out about what we’ve been up to recently in Angelfish Class, read our newsletter and see some examples of our work.


Class Teacher:

Adrienne Wrigglesworth


Speech and Language Therapists:

Penny Bailey - Key SLT

Kelly Moran


Learning Support Assistants:

Hannah Davidson

Alice Hoyle

Claudia Montalbano

We work together as a team in Angelfish Class and this helps us to earn Petrol Points:



Last half term we filled up the petrol tank and earned a Petrol Party. We had a train-themed afternoon and made car sandwiches and traffic light chocolate cakes.


Thank you JM

When we heard about Kayleigh’s parents tandem ride to raise money for Meath School we decided we wanted to do something to keep them going. So we also got out our bikes and recorded this message for them.

World War 2

We are learning how it might have felt to be an evacuee during World War II. This week we role played our own  evacuation in school. It was NOT much fun! First we had to pack our suitcases with the following:


Packed lunch including a Spam sandwich and a drink of condensed milk!

Change of clothes

A teddy




Soap pyjamas

We had to remember our gas mask boxes and name labels in case we got lost.


Next we had to leave school and walk to the train station before walking to our new school in the countryside. We are NOT used to walking this far!

When we got to the school in the country, we were met with a very cross host, Claire from the Office. We don’t think she was very pleased to see us! We had our picnic lunch in the classroom – Spam sandwiches and condensed milk – YUCK!

It was really hard to imagine living in the 1940s as the grown ups were very strict. But we are working hard on empathising with others and this links to out TLG target: Understand more tricky feelings like guilt, embarrassment and distress.



One of the children very proudly brought in his Grandad’s medals to share with us.



Our evacuees have begun to Dig for Victory on our allotment!



Today the Angelfish Land Boys and Girls planted their first crops! We are looking forward to harvesting some lovely juicy tomatoes.


Litter picking at Ottershaw Memorial Park

This week we road-tested our new litter pickers in Ottershaw Memorial Park. We used all the skills we have learned in Super Skills of how to keep safe, look after our environment and work as a team. It was hard work followed by some outdoor Storytelling!



Eco Spring Cleaning in Angelfish Class

Last term in Angelfish Class we honed our Super Skills and put some elbow grease into eco Spring cleaning. We learned how plastic pollution impacts on the environment and with this in mind, we decided to make our own ‘green’ cleaning products to make the classroom sparkle and shine. We started with some multi-surface spray made from white vinegar, lemon juice, baking powder and water. This works a treat on sticky tables! Next, we made some wood polish from olive oil, white vinegar, lavender essential oil and vegetable glycerine, sink scouring powder from baking powder and peppermint essential oil and window cleaner from white vinegar, cornflour and water. We also re-used old t-shirts to make cleaning cloths. Have a look at the recipes using the link below and try some eco-friendly, dolphin-loving Spring cleaning of your own!



Last term in Angelfish Class we are learning why it is important to recycle plastic so that it does not end up in landfill sites. For homework we had a challenge to rescue a piece of plastic that was about to be thrown away and make it into something new. Look at our ideas. What do you think?


We wrote persuasive letters to our MP asking how we can reduce plastic waste.


Points of View

Angelfish Class are learning to think about current issues such as how plastic is polluting our environment and causing harm to wildlife. In ‘Points of View’ on Monday mornings we read about these issues and then talk about them as a class. We are learning that everyone has different opinions and that this is OK. It is important that we think about why we believe something is true or not so we practise using conjunctions such as ‘because’, ‘but’ and ‘so’ when we are making our sentences. The next step in our learning is to share our opinions with our friends which helps us to practice effective listening skills, describing, reasoning and justifying our ideas. These are important ways for us to build social skills and understand that everyone has the right to be heard.

Look at our work. What do you think about plastic pollution?


Super Skills

In Angelfish Class, we work hard to be confident, independent learners. Super Skills helps us with this. We work with James (OT) who teaches us the skills we need to be organised, responsible and self-reflective. This term we are learning to be Home Heroes – we are taking responsibility at lunchtimes and learning to set the table in the classroom so that we can enjoy our lunch together. Next we will be learning about the importance of portion sizes so that we can serve ourselves and our friends and understand how we need to lok after our bodies by eating the right foods.

Talk, Learn, Grow

In Angelfish Class, we are working hard on our targets to develop our independence, become effective communicators and grow as responsible individuals. Our targets are taken from the Meath School Talk, Learn, Grow curriculum intent and help us to focus on ways in which we can build our resilience in our learning. We share these at the beginning of each learning session as part of our introduction including the WALT (We are Learning To) when we take it in turns to lead the class in Colour Words (see the Meath School specialist approaches) Have a look at your targets:








This term we are sharing the brilliant Codename Bananas by David Walliams. It is the story of, Eric, a young boy who is orphaned during The Blitz in World War II. He lives with his fearsome grandma close to London Zoo where his best friend Gertrude lives. But Gertrude is no ordinary friend – she is the star attraction at the zoo, a VERY large, VERY furry and VERY gentle Gorilla! Eric’s Uncle Sid is the oldest keeper at the zoo and Eric loves nothing more than sneaking in the back entrance after school to visit the animals, most especially Gertrude. But the war is bringing its own problems. Gertrude’s very existence depends on the courage and cunning of Eric and Uncle Sid to rescue her from certain death either from Frederick Frown, the Director General OR will Hitler’s bombs be the end of our gorilla?



Visit from Freddie the dog

28/04/21- Our school dog Freddie came to visit us this afternoon. Freddie was very obedient and even listened when he was asked by one of the children to ‘sit’. It was very exciting but we kept calm and quiet so that we did not scare him.


Reading at Meath

Angelfish Newsletter

Useful Links


We are learning to touch type using this website:

Log on and practise your skills and speed!



We log on to Seesaw for home learning:

What will you do on Seesaw this weekend?



We log on to Reading Eggs to enjoy more books:

We love reading in Angelfish Class


We use Snappy Maths.  

This helps us to practice finding halves and quarters of shapes.


Curriculum Map

This term our topics are:

Science – Animals Including Humans

Topic – The Homefront in World War II

PE – Old time dancing &  Athletics

Children Around the World and Art – Europe

Super Skills  - Home Heroes

Knowing Me, Knowing You – Families

Computing – Databases

RE – What does it mean to be a Muslim?

PSHE – Keeping Safe