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Meath School

Talk, Learn, Grow

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Curriculum Intent


All pupils have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, based on the National Curriculum, which is differentiated and modified for pupils with complex speech, language and communication needs. We have strong processes for assessment, planning, teaching and reviewing to help each pupil make the maximum progress in learning.


We teach through practical and highly visual approaches, using learning from experience, signing, pictures and symbols to support understanding. We emphasise developing academic, personal and social skills to improve each child’s independence, confidence, and resilience.


We aim to create an up-to-date curriculum which provides a balanced academic education, while increasingly helping pupils to develop independence and life-skills. We believe that promoting pupils’ wellbeing is crucial, now and for their future lives, therefore the new curriculum will acknowledge the importance of children’s mental health.


At Meath School our ‘Intent’ is that all children Talk, Learn, Grow


Talk Intent

  • To develop effective attention and listening skills
  • To develop an understanding of language
  • To develop effective communication skills


Learn Intent

  • To develop lifelong learning skills and strategies
  • To have opportunities to learn through a broad, ambitious and challenging range of experiences
  • To build on prior knowledge
  • To develop transferable thinking skills
  • To acknowledge and celebrate our differences
  • To work with others


Grow Intent

  • To develop understanding of our own emotions and those of others to establish and retain strong relationships
  • To take risks in learning and develop resilience
  • To develop positive physical and mental health
  • To know how to keep ourselves safe
  • To develop strategies to overcome our individual barriers to learning
  • To develop readiness to transition to the next stage of education
  • To develop as respectful and active citizens