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Reading Intent


At Meath School reading skills are central to our everyday learning. We create as many opportunities to talk about books and text we have read. Opportunities are promoted to increase talk through arising observations, questions, and learning about themes, vocabulary and language within core texts and ability matched reading books.

We teach phonics and reading through a variety of appropriately matched specialist approaches and hands on learning experiences. We scaffold the learning carefully to equip children with the motivation and confidence as they grow, to attempt, apply and develop their reading skills and value and enjoy it as an everyday life skill reading for information and also pleasure.


Our Aims:


  • To develop the underlying attention and listening skills vital for reading


 (Progression: - phonological awareness, decoding, grammar & punctation)

  • To develop an understanding that symbols and written words have a permanent meaning
  • To decode symbols and or words for functional use within their daily lives
  • To ensure that all pupils will have the opportunity to develop their phonological awareness and phonic skills or overcome barriers with individualised reading approaches where needed
  • To apply phonic knowledge to decode words, where this is successful continue until this is embedded automatically
  • To develop a growing bank of sight words/ high frequency words/common exception words/tricky words
  • To understand the effects of punctuation and grammar to interpret meaning, fluency and expression when reading.




  • To show comprehension of signs, symbols, differentiated sentences/stories that they have shared or read through retelling/role play, information retrieval, inference and prediction.
  • To link reading themes to own experiences and share with others

Enjoyment in reading

  • To develop pleasure in reading a range of text including stories, non fiction, poems and rhymes.
  • To enjoy sharing pictures, symbols and books with adults and peers
  • To see purpose and develop motivation in reading to interpret labels, signs, and instructions as an everyday life skill