Meath School

Meath School

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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Kim Bent - Principal
Majella Delany - Deputy Headteacher
Sarah Pennington – Assistant Headteacher
Emma Forrest – Assistant Headteacher
Jennifer Cook – Head of Therapy
Debbie Hanson – Residential Services Manager
Michelle Austin – School Business Manager
Sarah Billingham – Assessment Centre Manager
Liz Jones – Family Partnership Lead

Teaching and Learning Support

Adrienne Wrigglesworth – Teacher
Anne Hill – Teacher
Ginny Deane – Teacher
Mel Banner – Teacher
Kate Leong – Teacher
Lorna Gough – Teacher
Georgie Tongue – Teacher
Mary Nelson – Teacher
Frances Tyler – Teacher
Chrissy Fuller – Music Teacher
Marnie Downes – LSA Coordinator/Senior LSA
Tory Deane – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant
Sarah White – Senior LSA
Jayne Jones – Senior LSA
Sonia Loggia – Senior LSA
Rada Severnyak – Learning Support Assistant
Kelly Spall – Learning Support Assistant
Chloe Hawkes – Learning Support Assistant
Alice Hoyle – Learning Support Assistant
Leanne Bell – Learning Support Assistant and PE coordinator
Gemma Chan – Learning Support Assistant
Teresa Rocha-Perez – Learning Support Assistant
Gabriella Caganda – Learning Support Assistan
Caroline Keynes – Learning Support Assistant
Ellie Jenkins – Intern Learning Support Assistant
Hannah Cullen – Intern Learning Support Assistant
Hannah Davidson – Learning Support Assistant
Antonia Imbastori – Lunch and Play Supervisor
Elaine Archer – Lunch and Play Supervisor
Saleha Khatun – Lunch and Play Supervisor


Anne Ballard – PA to Senior Leadership Group
Claire Young – School Administrator, Admissions and Events
Rupinder Panesar – School Administrator,  Finance
Sophie Longhurst – School Administrator, Website and Social media

Residential Services

Angela Robertson – Residential Childcare Officer
Lorraine Rogers – Residential Childcare Officer
Ceri O'Connell- Residential Child Care Officer
Orion Gilbert – Volunteer Care Worker
Tilly Madzingira – Waking Nights Staff


Kayleigh Turner – Senior Speech and Language Therapy
Rebecca O’Hearn – Senior Speech and Language Therapy
Joanna Travis – Advanced Speech and Language Therapist in Assessment centre
Jessie Luckins – Senior Speech and Language Therapy VOCA
Penny Bailey – Senior Speech and Language Therapy
Sarah Stopforth – Speech and Language Therapist
Rebecca Ham – Speech and Language Therapist
Bethany Perkins – Speech and Language Therapist
Emma Vousden – Speech and Language Therapist
Liane Hall – Lead Occupational Therapist
Marina Maliakos – Occupational Therapist
James Milner – Occupational Therapist

Catering and Premises

Rob Toal – Premises Manager
Matt Saunders – Premises Assistant
Dyah Duncan – Catering Team Leader
Paula de Freitas – Kitchen Assistant