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John Willis – Chair of Governors


As Chair of Governors, John Willis is a Trustee of I CAN.  John is also the Chair of Governors at St. John’s School (Leatherhead) and the Chair of the Finance and Risk Committee of the Chartered College of Teaching. John’s career experience has included a range of roles in investment management and banking.


Jade Tsamplakos 


Jade is a Parent Governor.  She has three children, one of which is currently thriving at Meath.  Jade has seen first hand how important it has been for her child to attend Meath.  Currently a full time mum, Jade has a background in Marketing, Advertising and PR.


Judy Humphris


Judy is a long-time employee of Proctor and Gamble in healthcare and enjoys balancing a full-time global career with family life in Surrey with her three children. She brings an impartial and alternative perspective to the governing board at Meath, as well as an understanding of the challenges and needs of the pupils informed by her mother-in-law, who worked as a speech and language therapist at a local special school.


Caroline Slade


Caroline is the Finance Governor, she is a Business Manager with Barclays Bank based locally to the school in Woking, she has been within the role since 2012,  Caroline is now in her 20th year working for Barclays where she has undertaken various roles. Caroline has 2 children in mainstream secondary school.


Will Nash


As a Chartered Surveyor, Will spent over 20 years with a property consultancy advising schools and charities on a wide range of strategic property related matters. He also has extensive understanding of the complexities of working with historic buildiings. Now Director of Estates at St John's School Leatherhead Will is responsible for both strategic development of the estate as well as its day to day challenges.


Tracey Townsend


As a solicitor, Tracey spent 16 years working in the city as a transactional lawyer and professional support lawyer specialising in public sector projects and charity work. Since then Tracey has held a variety of voluntary roles including the various school governorships in schools in Surrey and London.


Lizzy Bovill


I'm Lizzy Bovill, mother to Alex (Polar Bear) and his sister Emily. Alex is 6 and has been at Meath for two years. Alex was diagnosed with global development delay aged one and now has a diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder. Alex eventually started at Meath, as his first school, in the equivalent of his reception year. Alex was non-verbal and an able Makaton signer. He now has early speech. The school has developed not only his language but his broader communication, independence and confidence.


My eldest, Emily, is 8 and attends our local mainstream primary school in Surrey. She learnt to sign alongside Alex, registered as a young carer and Alex's greatest advocate.


I am a working mother with nearly 20 years in the NHS and i am the Director of strategy for a GP Federation in North West London. I have spent nine years working at Board level and have a reputation for advocating and ensuring patient and family's feedback, and involvement in decisions about their care, are heard and acted upon at the highest levels. Many of you will know me already as an active parent at the school, but also on the local SEN groups, enabling parents to navigate their way through the EHCP, school application and transport hurdles as well as supporting new parents during their transition to Meath.