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Meath School residential provision is split into three; Otter, Brox and Maitland.  All areas are decorated and furnished to a high standard and the children choose the decoration and the furniture that is in them.  The whole residential is made to be as homely as possible.

Children are encouraged to personalise their rooms how they wish and can bring photos in from home, as well as having their art work and pictures put up.

Supporting our children to input into their environment supports them to belong and to learn skills that support their independence. 

We are committed to keeping a very good standard of accommodation and aim to enhance this where possible.

The furnishings we use are homely and we have a small kitchen where we can make drinks and snacks. The dining facilities are in the same building and are easily accessed.

We have Wi-Fi throughout the residential accommodation enabling children and young people to access the Internet for skyping home or for information if needed. The Internet is filtered to safeguard the children from accessing inappropriate content.