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Celebrating Success

At Meath School we feel it is important to celebrate success because it develops each child’s self-esteem and increases their confidence.  We also celebrate the staff’s achievements with the children, to show them that we are all still learning.


Every week we hold a celebration assembly where all types of successes are shared, for both children and staff members.  Certificates achieved that week for swimming, signing, sports etc or other external achievements are handed out.  At this assembly there is also the Star of the Week from each class, who are chosen by the class team for something extra ordinary.  Staff who have passed their signing exam have their certificates presented at this assembly.


Each week the staff choose a class who has either lined up the best, walked around the school the nicest, had the best manners etc.  That class then are given a huge trophy to keep in their classroom for the week.


At the end of each term we have the Friendship award which is given to 2 children who have shown they know how to be really good friend.  We also offer a signing award to the child that has improved their signing the most.


Within each class there is a reward system, which could be “getting a whoosh”, a rocket climb, marbles in a jar, or earning “money” to spend at the Meath reward shop.


There are numerous ways to gain stickers from therapists, teachers and Senior Leaders.


In Residential, a Star of the Week is chosen and celebrated at breakfast on a Friday morning.  The certificate goes on display for the week.  Each child has a daily reward chart with five targets on.  These are reviewed and celebrated at breakfast each morning.


No matter how small the achievement, the recognition of it is enormous.