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Talk, Learn, Grow

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Principal's Welcome

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to share the experience we have at Meath school.  We are a school dedicated to ensuring every child learns to communicate, gets a positive learning experience and feels a sense of belonging and security to be themselves and flourish by overcoming their barrier to learning.  Our school is emersed in the total communication approach, so whatever the communication need, there is a way to get past it.

We at Meath, take great pride in the work we do and the progress we see of individual children.  We believe that we open doors and support children to be strong independent communicators and learners.  We offer a way to ensure they are heard and can give their valued voice and opinion by whatever means.

We want to prepare children for the next stage of their education and give them the tools to independently access the learning and education which will provide them with greater life choices and experiences.  We want every child to TALK, LEARN, and GROW, we want them to ‘talk’ through any means possible, learn and empower them to grow as independent citizens.

Our collaborative and immersive environment allows children to be effective communicators and learn various means to have their voice heard.  We work as a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the best expertise is shared and taught so that we drive progress forward and ensure we are providing the most evidence-based approach to our practice. 


Please get in touch via our admin team if you would like a visit or further information about what we do at Meath!