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School Council

Welcome to Meath School Council. Elections took place in the Autumn term where each class voted for two class representatives. 


Our first meeting was held in the Spring term. We discussed our favourite school dinners and what makes a healthy meal. There were lots of ideas from the children which we will put forward to senior management to help the school make a menu for the summer term. This topic ties in with learning about healthy food in PSHE lessons. 


In the summer term we will be thinking and talking about feeling safe at school, particularly playtimes. We’ll be discussing our buddies and other ideas that will make playtimes more fun and assessable for everyone. We plan to create a student survey for all students so everyone can have a say in making playtimes better.

Our School Council aims:


To give our children a place to voice their concerns. To make our school a happy and safe place for our children. To encourage all children in the school to suggest their ideas for improvements. To act upon any suggestions or concerns from our children to improve the school.