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Special Educational Needs

Meath School is an inclusive school; we believe that Every Child should be given the tools they need to succeed. The quality of children’s teaching has the greatest impact on learning but some children may require further support that is additional to or different from others in order to learn best. We believe that, for these children, a teamwork approach is essential. This team includes the child, the parents, school staff and other professionals.


We support the individual needs of each child at Meath through a combination of education, therapy and care. This helps children with speech, language and communication needs to build the foundations they need to thrive in their future education and lives.


As well as experienced teaching staff, our specialist team includes speech and language therapists and occupational therapists, a residential care team and family support worker. We also run outreach services and assessments for other schools and the wider community.


For some children who require additional support from specialist professionals beyond our Meath School team, we work closely with external support agencies such as Physiotherapy, Play Therapy and Sensory Impairment Specialists (e.g. hearing and visual impairments).


Meath School looks forward to working with pupils and parents/carers to ensure fully inclusive access to our curriculum.





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Principal – Majella Delaney

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