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Home from Home tailored residential support

Home from home tailored residential support


Our Residential Centre provides a safe and nurturing environment for pupils to develop independence, social and self-care skills. Boarding pupils stay overnight in comfortable, homely accommodation on the school grounds.



What we offer:

  • Term-time residential facilities from Monday – Thursday. Pupils can board every school day or set day(s) each week, depending on the family and child’s needs.
  • Wraparound care for boarding pupils from the end of one school day to the start of the next
  • Opportunities for supervised, structured play as well as free time
  • After-school activities and trips such as sports, swimming, arts and crafts, cooking and games
  • Evening meals that meet individual nutritional plans
  • Continuous focus on speech, language communication skills to maximise the benefits of their learning in class
  • Support to develop independence skills such as dressing, eating and hygiene
  • The Residential Centre is not only beneficial for families who live outside of the county, but can provide all parents and carers with respite, while helping pupils build key life skills.



“My child stays over at school once a week and absolutely loves it! It is something she looks forward to and enjoys…I noticed that she was starting to do things at home that I had no idea she was capable of! She has become far more independent with wanting to and being able to dress herself and clean her teeth by herself.