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At Meath school, the art and design curriculum offers the children a vital means of self-expression that can impact the way they feel about themselves. Throughout their time at Meath, it is hoped they develop a growing sense of identity as creatives, and a desire to engage in work that both inspires and challenges them.

At Meath school we believe it is imperative we give the children opportunities to both work with a variety of media, but also to repeatedly practice how to manipulate and manage art materials. In this way, the children learn new skills and techniques that enable them to design and create their own unique works of art.

Exposure to the work of artists and designers offers opportunities to develop their observational skills and encourages them to talk about their impressions and opinions. A focus on learning about art and design within historical and cultural contexts also aims to enrich their understanding of the world and the significance of different art forms.



Aims for our pupils at Meath :


  • to enjoy creative work


  • to instil a sense of pride in their own creative work


  • to develop their drawing, painting and sculpting skills


  • to extend their use of different art and craft techniques


  • to explore their own ideas through designing and making creative products


  • to record their own work and experiences


  • to evaluate and adapt their creations


  • to talk about creative works using artistic language


  • to share their ideas, experiences and imagination through collaborative work


  • to recognise and celebrate each other’s creative work


  • to know about great artists, architects, craft makers and designers


  • to foster an interest in historical and cultural art forms