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Children Around the World

Children Around the World at Meath school


At Meath school, the Children Around the World scheme of work, offers the children a unique and valuable insight into the rich and diverse cultures of the modern world. Through it, the children develop a growing sense of identity as world citizens, and an appreciation of the rights and privileges they enjoy in Britain.  

We want to inspire our children and help them recognise the beauty and variety of the world’s landscapes and climates. To do this, children learn how to locate countries and to consider their contrasting strengths and challenges, within the natural world. They also learn about the wildlife and habitats of these regions and how our actions in the wider world might affect them.

Through videos and power point presentations we highlight the unique cultural identity of different countries in the world. We encourage the children to talk about what they see and to reflect on what it might be like to live in these countries. Role play and hands on experiences involving food, music, dance and celebrations, are an integral part of how the children learn.


Aims for our pupils at Meath:


  • to stimulate the children’s curiosity and to foster an interest in the world around them


  • to share their observations, experiences and personal ideas through class discussion and collaborative work


  • to be able to identify similarities and differences between places and locations, both within our own country and the world


  • to equip them with the vocabulary and skills necessary for directions and map reading


  • to develop a sense of identity that promotes responsible citizenship


  • to actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.


  • to develop an understanding of how different cultures live and work throughout the world


  • to actively promote diversity, with a focus on the celebrations of different faiths and cultures throughout the world


  • to foster a love of world music, dance and cultural heritage through opportunities to role play stories, learn traditional dances or songs and sample world cuisine