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All pupils have access to our Safeguarding Curriculum (see below). 


We have regular discussions with our pupils about what to do if they are worried, upset, or scared such as:


  1. Speak to a trusted adult (be able to name that trusted adult)

  2. Use the pupil help card in their tray (point to a picture of a trusted adult)

  3. Active listening by staff



We use this body map to re enforce safe and appropriate touch with our pupils:




Staff encourage discussion about how to keep safe throughout the school day and in our Residential setting, during all lessons, activities, meals, trips and special events with a focus on safe touch, kind hands. Staff also take every opportunity to develop our pupils’ confidence in talking to an adult if they are worried about anything.




Safeguarding runs through our full curriculum and is part of every aspect of school life. Staff take every opportunity to introduce aspects of safeguarding throughout the day via informal conversations, questions and discussion.


We have a PHSE and RHSE curriculum which covers topics such as:


  • Families and Healthy relationships

  • Friendships and Conflict

  • Online Safety

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Naming body parts

  • Safety and the changing body

  • Change and Loss

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