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Swan Class

Welcome to the Swan Class Page! This is where you can find out about what we’ve been up to recently in Swan Class, read our newsletter and see some examples of our work.


Class Teacher:

Adrienne Wrigglesworth


Speech and Language Therapists:

Penny Bailey - Key SLT

Caylin Hall


Learning Support Assistants:

Chloe Hawkes

Rada Severnyak

We work together as a team in Swan Class and this helps us to earn Petrol Points:



Last half term we filled up the petrol tank and earned a Petrol Party. We had a train-themed afternoon and made car sandwiches and traffic light chocolate cakes.




Our Storytelling book this term is The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwambe & Bryan Mealer.

 It is based on the true story of William Kamkwambe, a boy who lives in a village in Malawi, who finds his own unique and ingenious way to help the village farmers generate electricity to help irrigate their crops. In Design & Technology, we are designing and making our own versions inspired by William’s story.

Look what we have been growing!


Take a look at the Swan Class allotment. We planted courgettes and just look how well they have grown. The first one was ENORMOUS! It weighed 1.6kg and measured 44cm in length! We used some of it to bake a courgette cake. Click here for the recipe: Easy courgette cake. Dyah roasted some more for everyone’s lunch – we had them with cheesy pasta. Delicious! This week we planted carrots, beetroot and broad beans. We are looking forward to trying out some more recipes.


Points of View

Swan Class are learning to think about current issues such as the recent Paralympics in Tokyo. We talked about how some disabilities are easy to see but others are not so obvious. In ‘Points of View’ on Monday mornings with Penny (SLT) we read about these issues and then talk about them as a class. We are learning that everyone has different opinions and that this is OK. It is important that we think about why we believe something is true or not so we practise using conjunctions such as ‘because’, ‘but’ and ‘so’ when we are making our sentences. The next step in our learning is to share our opinions with our friends which helps us to practise effective listening skills, describing, reasoning and justifying our ideas. These are important ways for us to build social skills and understand that everyone has the right to be heard.

Look at our work. What do you think about the Paralympics?


Talk, Learn, Grow

In Swan Class, we are working hard on our targets to develop our independence, become effective communicators and grow as responsible individuals. Our targets are taken from the Meath School Talk, Learn, Grow curriculum intent and help us to focus on ways in which we can build our resilience in our learning. We share these at the beginning of each learning session as part of our introduction including the WALT (We are Learning To) when we take it in turns to lead the class in Colour Words (see the Meath School specialist approaches).             

Swan Newsletter

Useful Links


We are learning to touch type using this website:

Log on and practise your skills and speed!



We log on to Seesaw for home learning:

What will you do on Seesaw this weekend?



We log on to Reading Eggs to enjoy more books:

We love reading in Swan Class


We use Snappy Maths.  

This helps us to practice finding halves and quarters of shapes.


There are some great ideas linked to our library visits on the British Library website: