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Welcome to the Swan Class Page! This is where you can find out about what we’ve been up to recently in Swan Class, read our newsletter and see some examples of our work.


Class Teacher:

Adrienne Wrigglesworth


Speech and Language Therapists:

Penny Bailey - Key SLT

Harriet Hunter


Learning Support Assistants:

Chloe Hawkes

Rada Severnyak

Emily Webb


Morris Magpie


Meet Morris the Magpie.

Swan Class have adopted him as our class mascot! He enjoys the fat balls we put out each day in the tree outside the classroom.

Petrol Points

We work together as a team in Swan Class and this helps us to earn Petrol Points:



Last term we managed to fill our petrol tank up as a class and earned ourselves a petrol party! It was a pumpkin party. We watched Hotel Transylvania, painted our very own munchkin pumpkins and made a pumpkin person decoration.



We use colour coding to support our understanding of word classes and sentence building.

All Living Things and Their Habitats.

This term in Science we are learning about All Living Things and Their Habitats. We started the new topic with gusto by planting our own apple tree so we can watch it grow and reproduce in real time. It was hard work digging the hole but Swan Class NEVER give up! We’re looking forward to seeing the fist buds in Spring. Maybe Morris the Magpie will like it too.


Library Visit

As part of our Super Skills learning we visit Addlestone library each month. Everyone chooses their books and then they have to return ones they have borrowed and issue the new ones independently – THINK FOR YOURSELF Swan Class!

It is so relaxing spending time with a good book and sharing our reading with our friends. We definitely recommend this as a way to help our wellbeing.



We have been making our own windmills. We had to find a way to make the windmill lift a small weight. We learned that the force of the wind turns the shaft (straw) which lifts the bucket.


Still image for this video

We used everything that we have learned about wind turbines from our trip to Reading, our Science learning about electricity, what we learned from William Kamkwambe in The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and our DT skills to build a working wind turbine that actually generates power!

We worked as a team with Liane from OT and found different ways to problem-solve the challenges we faced. We spent time deconstructing electrical appliances just like William Kamkwambe to find out how they work and to salvage materials that we could re-use instead of them going to landfill sites. Our finished wind turbine is made completely from recycled materials.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We visited a working wind turbine on Green Park, Reading. It was absolutely enormous! It is 140 metres tall but there is one being manufactured in China that is twice the height. Even though there wasn’t a lot of wind, we learned how it powers parts of the business park. This one was constructed in Germany. We learned how climate change is affecting our planet by producing high levels of greenhouse gases like methane and that renewable sources of energy like wind power could help to reduce these levels.




This half term our topic is The Industrial Revolution. Our story is Street Child by Berlie Doherty, the true story of Jim Jarvis, the boy who inspired Dr Barnado to set up his charity in the 1860s.


Jim has run away from the workhouse. When his mum dies and his sisters are sent to work in a big house, he is all alone. He is desperate to escape but is alone in London, a dangerous and scary city. As he makes some friends, he is snatched away and made to work for his food and keep, guarded by a cruel master and his terrifying dog, Snipe. How will he ever escape?


We went Wombling on Wimbledon Common with our Tidy Bags. We found some interesting litter – a broken tea cup, a tennis ball (maybe from the All England Lawn and Tennis Club nearby?) and some curious paw marks (a sure sign of Womble activity?) We thought that the Wombles might use the teacup for a plant pot and the ball would make a good door knob. We had a Womble sing-song and finished the day with a look at the windmill – it reminded us of our Storytelling book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’.


Take a look at what’s on at Wimbledon and Putney Commons by clicking here:

Puzzling Problems

Puzzling problems:

Every Wednesday in Maths, we have a puzzling problem to solve!


We have been learning about parallel and perpendicular lines. We used the pedal stepper to paint parallel lines onto paper and moved our parallel lines to make them perpendicular. Then we investigated right angles in the perpendicular lines.



Still image for this video

Points of View

Swan Class are learning to think about current issues such as refugees settling in the UK from Afghanistan, gender stereotyping and children’s rights. We talked about how all children have equal rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This week we are learning to share other people’s opinions. We have learned that we need to listen really carefully to our friends’ ideas so that we can summarise them and retell them. We talked about secondary schools re-introducing masks in the classroom and had a very interesting discussion whilst wearing masks ourselves. It made communication very tricky and were not popular at all.


Picture of the week


We have a picture of the Week which we look at in Friends Group. We talk about what we know are the facts and then what we can infer from it. What do you think is happening in the picture.


Word of the week



Super Skills

In Super Skills with James (OT) we learn new skills to help us to be healthy, happy and safe. In Home Heroes we learn how to make our own eco-friendly cleaning products and use them to add some sparkle to the classroom. We also learn to use everyday electrical appliances safely so we can do the ironing and help load the washing machine. As Super Chefs, we know how to safely use the toaster and kettle to make some delicious toast and a refreshing cuppa before becoming Hygiene Heroes where we practise self-help skills such as folding our clothes and cleaning our shoes so that we always look spick and span!

We won the cup for our incredible ironing skills! Well done all the children in this group!



Talk, Learn, Grow

In Swan Class, we are working hard on our targets to develop our independence, become effective communicators and grow as responsible individuals. Our targets are taken from the Meath School Talk, Learn, Grow curriculum intent and help us to focus on ways in which we can build our resilience in our learning. We share these at the beginning of each learning session as part of our introduction including the WALT (We are Learning To) when we take it in turns to lead the class in Colour Words (see the Meath School specialist approaches).             

Swan Newsletter

Useful Links


We use these games to practise our number bonds to 10.  


We are learning to touch type using this website:

Log on and practise your skills and speed!


We log on to Seesaw for home learning:

What will you do on Seesaw this weekend?


We log on to Reading Eggs to enjoy more books:

We love reading in Swan Class


We use Snappy Maths.  

This helps us to practice finding halves and quarters of shapes.


There are some great ideas linked to our library visits on the British Library website:


We look at the CBBC Newsround webpage to find out what’s going on in the world:


This link supports families in helping your child to learn their times tables: